Monday, February 05, 2007

Audiovox SMT-5600 - An oldy but still a goody

With Windows Mobile 5 as the current version of Windows-based pocket pc and smartphone OS's and version 6 (Crossbow) poised to become the new hotness, you may think a device based on the 4 year-old WM2003 would be completely obsolete. That only depends on what you want your smartphone to do.

In the frosty north that is Canada, unlimited data plans, competition in the GSM market, 3G networks and public-based wifi hotspots are either not available or difficult to come by. The features that differentiate WM5 devices from WM2003 devices all utilize these technologies so because of this, having a device with the newest tech does not make a big difference. The SMT-5600 by Audiovox is a smartphone that runs WM2003 SE, manufactured in the HTC Tornado-style of handsets.

It features IR, Bluetooth, a miniSD card slot, VGA camera, supports EDGE, syncs to Outlook via ActiveSync and runs the mobile version of Windows Media Player 10. The most appealing feature of the phone however may be its size. It is slightly thicker than most "dumb" handsets but is comparitively as wide and long. It's USB connection is of the mini 'type-b' variety and also hosts a 2.5mm headphone/mic jack. There is an external camera button as well as volume rocker on the right and left sides respectively with the power button on the top. The SMT-5600 also utilizes a 2.2 inch, 176 x 220 pixel LCD and 32MB built-in RAM.

If you are interested in switching from your regular closed-platform phone to one that offers quite a bit more flexibility, the SMT-5600 is a great choice. Considering it is a couple generations behind it can be found quite cheap with a great used market.